International Night

International Night was held on Tuesday, March 24 at EFCA and was a big success.   The international students each created a table with information about their country.  Some of the tables even had a photo booth and games to play. We also got a chance to sample food from all over the world, including coffee from Vietnam, rice cakes from Korea and enchiladas from Mexico.  Hopefully this will become an annual event. 









Yard Sale! A theatrical experience.

EFCA’s drama department is at it again with this years play, “Yard Sale!” The play follows characters inside Babington Mansion, where Aunt Mona, Ann, and Napoleon Babington, along with students from the University and a few other inhabitants, reside. Aunt Mona, played by Emily Rupczeski, is heavily in debt to the notorious Hazel Hushabye, and the great mansion is in serious trouble. Napoleon, played by Jake Crossman, isn’t exactly helping the cause with his lazy attitude, and eventually finds himself caught up in a serious run-in with the police. While Ann, played by Sara Lamery, and other residents of the mansion try to save it, more and more chaos abounds! What will happen to the mansion? Come to EFCA on April 24th and 25th to find out!

EFCA at the NBA

The students of EFCA traveled on the Cavalier fan bus to Cleveland to watch the Cavaliers play the Golden State Warriors. Some of our students even got the chance to go down on the court and be the half-time “tunnel” for the Warriors as they came out on the court. It was an exciting game to watch as the Cavaliers beat the Warriors 110-99.




Happy New Year!

The international students of EFCA celebrated the lunar new year this past weekend at the dorm with lots of yummy food from Vietnam,  China and Korea. Each night, the students from those countries helped prepare the dinner. Sunday night we celebrated Korean New Year. Great job, guys!

If you’d like to sample some of these delicious dishes, and food from other countries,  join us on March 24th at EFCA for International Night.



Hardwood Fever!!

EFCA Boys Basketball is heating up!!  The season is about half way over and the boys are looking good for a district title!  The boys team was selected as the Erie Times News Team of the Week for this week. They are in District 10, class A and are in first place in their region with a 8-0 record and an 11-5 record overall. To read the full article,  go to


Clubs Are In Full Swing

Once a month, students get to escape their mundane routine at school for a couple hours and go hang out with their favorite club! These clubs include Sports, Chess, Army Cadet League, Media, Equestrian, Cooking, Business Club, Spirit Club and a few other exciting clubs. Not only do students get the opportunity to join a club, but they also have the opportunity to take charge of their club, and become a leader at EFCA. While the idea is still new, EFCA students hope clubs will continue for years to come, and as the school grows, so will they.


Football Forever…

Even though we’re “knee deep” in basketball season, lets talk some football! On Saturday, January 10th, 2015, Mercyhurst Prep had their 2014 football banquet. This year, EFCA partnered with Mercyhurst Prep’s football program- EFCA Players on the team were: Nate Akers, Jacob Montefiori, Chad Gernovich, Ren Rivers, Steven Wang, Dennis Wariboko Colin Zeyfang, Jasper Shippman, Shane Mink, Toon, Jeremy Montefiori, Hunter Kallay, Kaleb Bratt, and Mike Balko. At the banquet, awards were handed out to: Shane Mink (Most Improved), Colin Zeyfang (Sportsmanship Award), Ren Rivers (Unsung Hero Award), and Dennis Wariboko (Defnsive MVP). Next year, we will continue our partnership with MPS, with Jacob Montefiori as the starting quarterback. Wooha!

The Mirror

From Christian 101- “Beyond The Mirror”

We’ve all done it, looked into a mirror and couldn’t stand the person starring back at us. We see our insecurities, our mistakes, and our sins but worst of all, we see a person we might not know. Remember in fourth grade? All we cared about was junk food and what was on TV that night… most of us didn’t have a cell phone, a laptop, or even an MP3 player (Remember when that was different then a phone?). Back in fourth grade, none of the things that matter today ever mattered: getting the right job, doing well on the SAT’s, having good skin, or making varsity. Do you ever wish you could just go back to that?

There’s something I forgot to mention about that mirror- it actually isn’t a mirror at all. A mirror image of something is by definition “exactly the same”, but what we call a mirror is really just a reflection of ourselves, not the exact image. I push my hair to the right when I look in the mirror, but everyone else sees it to the left. I bet you can guess where I’m going with this: what you see in the mirror is something that only you see. Your friends, family, God… they see you as the human being you really are; created in God’s image. We rarely get “preachy” at Christian 101, but bear with us here- GOD LOVES YOU BECAUSE HE CREATED YOU. Think about this, if God, the creator of, literally, the ENTIRE universe loves you for you, who cares what Allie and Tommy from 7th grade thinks?

Don’t look in the mirror and expect to see yourself, because the person looking at you is only a reflection. The person you need to worry about is the real you, not mirror you… what do I mean by that? If there’s something about you that you feel the need to change, don’t do it because the mirror told you to, do it because you want to give as much glory to God as you can… oh, and don’t forget, God did take the time to design you, so don’t try change his masterpiece.

DJ O'neil Lighting Up the Dance Floor

“All That Glitters” School Dance is a Success!

While everyone else was sitting at home, contemplating how to make their Saturday night better, EFCA was lighting up the dance floor. Our host, DJ Dan O’neil, pumped the crowd and rocked “The Colony” all night (or until about 10pm). If you missed it, check out these pictures from the dance, and be sure to attend the next one!

Conga Line Time Channia's Pure Krump The Swag is too Much. Guy Love, Between Two Guys Texting is more fun then dancing. When the swag is too much. Aweeee Yaahhhh (Kaleb and Mallory) Where there's a camera, there's also Hugo. Mr. Pheonix and his LadiesGernovich's1